All about Flowers

We have taken advantage of the flowers of summer for a mini photo shoot of some of Cobblestone Alley’s most popular products. We hope you enjoy the results.

Sweet pea

The many colours of Sweet pea look great with the white flowers of the Chic Antique candleholder. The shabby chic candleholder is perfect for any summer occasion , simple and stunning .

Sweet pea and summer go hand in hand . They have to be picked regularly and are perfect decoration for the chamberstick . The candleholder in antique zinc is in a vintage style and is great for displaying flowers or for storing jewellery on a dressing table or bedside locker.


Here a single cyclamen plant in pale pink adds a lovely hint of colour to the Wall Planter , Beautiful french and chic in style .


Lavender is so lovely to look at in the garden . Pictured here with the stable lamp which is powered by battery and has its own timer . We love how it lights up pathways and porches in the evening. As the seasons change the lavender and lamp can be brought indoors.