The Pumpkins have arrived at Cobblestone Alley.

We have 3 shapes and 3 colours to choose from : Pear shaped, Apple shaped and Pumpkin shaped in  Metallic GreyDusty Pink Traditional Orange

Where would you place them in your home ?

On a windowsill ? In the Porch ? As a Table centrepiece ? With Plants? With Candles ? By or in a Lantern ? Create a Pumpkin patch with your crafts ?

We would love to see your creations. Please tag us or send us your photos of your Autumn Decor and we will share on our social media.

As we welcome Autumn into our lives and embrace each season it is nice to create a cosy home to compliment what is happening around us in nature.

It’s the simple things and the little things that make all the difference.

Thank you for reading…

Until Next time , Best Wishes from all at