What’s New In 2022

                            Happy New Year. Here’s hoping 2022 is a great year for everyone.

                            We have some new products  to set the year off with good intentions, reminders to dream, love and be at home with who you are.  Celebrate you and be you.

The keys will remind you to DREAM, LOVE and of HOME. Hang inside or outdoors, a great decoration to have by a door, gate, patio or fence.  Word art with meaning in beautiful vintage style.

Cast iron keys LOVE – Cobblestone Alley



As it is still very much in the candle season, check out these hanging candle holders below.  Create cosy corners, create romance, create party atmosphere.

Stay cosy as the cold days and nights are with us for another while. Brighter days are on the way. In the meantime , Stay warm and stay safe.

Best wishes from all at