A Thing of Beauty is a Joy Forever

A quote we enjoy at Cobblestone Alley.

What is the oldest thing in your home?  What is bringing you forever Joy ?

Wouldn’t it be great to think something you buy or create today could still be in use and giving Joy in the future?  Whether it will be by future generations of your family or by someone browsing in an “antique” shop somewhere in the future  it is a lovely thing to think about.

We can’t predict what will be antiques of tomorrow or their value, but we can promote beautiful things and hope that they will bring Joy to homes today and well into the future.


We are suppliers of what we believe are “Things Of Beauty” with a eye to the present , past and future .

Every week we will have “A Thing of Beauty from the past “ post on Instagram .

If you would like to join in and post something that brings you joy from the past

  •  follow us @cobblestone_alley on Instagram                               
  • Post a pic of your “thing of beauty “ from the past
  • tag us in your story or post
  • and use the #athingofbeautyfromthepast

We will share your post to our story

And once a month we will have a best of from those posts shared.

We will repost in our feed tagging your account and give a discount code of 20%  for any “Thing of Beauty” of the present from our website .  Winner will be notified by Direct Message.

We hope you will join us is sharing the Joy .