Strike the match, transfer the flame to the candle wick and the magic begins….

What is it about candlelight that elevates the ordinary to into a special moment.


Long after being replaced by electricity as the main source of light in the evenings and night time, candles are still very much part of our 21st century lives.

What would a birthday cake be without candles to blow out?

We use them at religious ceremonies, vigils to show support or as a mark of respect, romantic dinners for two, lighting pumpkins at Halloween,  Advent candles and Christmas traditional candles … not to mention ever occasion in between.

They come shaped as dinner candles, taper candles, tealights, pillar candles, church candles or sculpted into any shape or form with moulds.

Made from wax, bees wax or soya, be scented with essential oils – the variety is endless.

They bring us into the moment.  You can watch them slowly burn, the flame dance, the wax melt and drip .  Candlelight reflected in wineglasses and cutlery, window panes add so much more to any occasion.

At Cobblestone Alley we appreciate the special place candles have in our lives .  Especially these days when our space is where we spend most of our time.

We  have a  wide range of holders to suit all tastes, tables and occasions.                                                                                                  




Candlelight is magic, it adds so much to any moment. Remember though it does not have to be expensive.   Empty jam jars, wine bottles can be upcycled into holders to be fun and effective.   Wine bottles with layers of dripping candle wax were a feature of many a bistro table. To create an impact a row of repurposed holders leading to a special centre piece candle holder can be so effective.

Candle holders will always make great gifts.   It is impossible to have too many.  Candles grouped with different colours, shapes and holders only look more effective.




So go on,   add a bit of magic ….  light a candle today,     tonight ,                 everyday ….

Until next time

Best wishes from all at