This time next week will be Christmas Eve.   How lucky we are to have Christmas to get us through the darkest shortest days of the year.

Christmas is such a special feeling where magic is certainly in the air in what would otherwise be dark and dreary days.   Wondering about it all … is the thinking of others ?.. what gifts will you give to the special people in your life,                                                                  the increased awareness of those without;

…   the decorating of our homes ? .. the decorating of the streets in cities towns, and                                                                      shops  bringing light and joy;

…    the traditions we grew up with  ?  keeping them and passing them on

…      the music ?   from carols to festive favourites

…    the wonder and expectation in the eyes of children

All the above combined , I suppose.     The only thing for sure I believe is that it all brings a sense of peace that can only be found in December .   The stillness , the cold, the dark  make Christmas and Christmas makes December.

Wishing you all a very peaceful and very magical Christmas from all here in Cobblestone Alley