Hang in there – January nearly over and Spring is on its way.

The aftermath of Christmas days, nights and lights is always hard to follow.  Looking ahead to a new year of

resolutions and this year of restrictions, in particular can be daunting.  But as we settle into our new normal  we can begin to  see the

silver lining in the clouds.

Spring is on its way .   Daffodil shoots are appearing and there are tiny buds on trees .  There is definitely a stretch in the evenings.

We , like other retailers are restocking for the year ahead.   It is  very exciting when new stock is delivered.

Our latest arrivals are the Pot Pals, pictured above.   Ornaments for your garden or indoor pots and make great gifts, a fun addition to flowers or a plant or just by themselves.

We are now retailers for Chic Antique and got our first delivery last week.


And there is more on the way .

They also sent me a gift an Open and Closed sign …  What do you think ?


We just love it !   Thank you to all at Chic Antique xx

We’ll remain Open for business and are very grateful for your continued support,